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Leslie Station is located southwest of the intersection of Sheppard Avenue and Leslie Street, in North York. Primary trip generators for Leslie include North York General Hospital, located east of the station, and a collection of high-rise condominiums and big box stores to the southwest, most notably the North York IKEA (made infamous by the "IKEA Monkey" Incident of 2012). Also located one block southwest of Leslie Station is Oriole GO Station, on GO Transit's Richmond Hill Line. No direct connection is provided between the subway and GO, despite the subway station property being adjacent to the GO Train line. However, as of 2020 Richmond Hill GO Train service is provided during Monday-Friday rush hours, and only in the peak direction, so at present, this is not a major source of intermodal ridership.

As with other Line 4 stations, Leslie features wide corridors and relatively lofty ceilings. The station has 3 entrances (all accessible) and 3 fare lines, and is arranged on 3 levels that reflect the local topography as the surrounding land slopes toward the East Branch of the Don River, located east of the station. The upper level consists of a street entrance and fare line from Old Leslie Street, with a small bus terminal located inside the fare paid area. Below this is the main concourse, which is underground at its west end but at the surface at its northeast corner; this concourse includes Leslie's main entrance and fare line as a step-free walk-out to a small plaza on Sheppard Avenue.

The station's third entrance, a standalone headhouse with a fare line, can be found at the same level as the main concourse, one block east at the southwest corner of Sheppard Avenue and Leslie Street. After descending from street level, this entrance features a long pedestrian tunnel punctuated by skylights. The pedestrian tunnel is situated at track level between the eastbound and westbound tracks, and connects directly to the east end of the station platform.

Below the main concourse is the platform level. As with most other stations on Line 4, Leslie features an island platform currently sized to hold a 4-car train, but with knockout panels allowing future expansion to 6-car trains. Leslie has 2 knockout panels at the east end of the platform, on either side of where the pedestrian tunnel from the east entrance joins the platform.

Station Facts 

  • Opening Date:
    • November 24, 2002
  • Internal ID: 59P
  • Lines:
    • Line 4 Sheppard
  • Previous Station:
    • Bessarion
  • Following Station:
    • Don Mills
  • Entrances: 3 (3 accessible)
  • Fare Gates: 18
  • Booths: 1
  • PRESTO Card Vending Machines: 5
  • PRESTO Reloading Machines: 3
  • POP Transfer Printers: 6
  • Elevators: 2
  • Escalators: 4

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Unique Features

Some interesting features of Leslie are not easy to detect visually. Just east of the station is a fully enclosed box bridge, which carries Line 4 over the East Branch of the Don River; this is one of two enclosed bridges in the subway system (the other being the Rosedale Valley Bridge carrying Line 2 between Sherbourne and Castle Frank Stations). The design was chosen because the tracks cross the river at a relatively low clearance, making protection against flash flooding a critical concern. Additionally, as the groundwater table is high near the river, a concrete foundation slab several metres thick was required to anchor the station box down, and prevent groundwater pressure from lifting it out of place.

Public Artwork

Of all TTC stations, it is likely easiest to recall one's location at Leslie, thanks to its iconic and hyper-local public art installation, titled Ampersand, by Micah Lexier. The installation, which covers the station walls on all levels, features over 17,000 tiles printed with the phrase "Sheppard & Leslie". The artist collected handwriting samples of "Sheppard" and "Leslie" from 3,400 local residents, with the only consistent element of each tile being the red typewritten Ampersand separating the two names.

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