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Dufferin Station is located at the corner of Bloor Street West and Dufferin Street in between the neighbourhoods of Bloordale and Bloorcourt near Downtown Toronto. The station is in a dense area of mostly mid-rise commercial and low rise single family homes. It is also within walking distance of Dufferin Mall and Dufferin Grove Park.

Dufferin has no bus loop, however the bus stops served by routes 29 Dufferin, 329 Dufferin Blue Night, 402 Parkdale, and 929 Dufferin Express are located directly in front of entrances on both sides of Dufferin Street north of Bloor - this makes for easy access. Dufferin Street is a major surface transit corridor and has a planned bus-only marked lane under the RapidTO Priority Bus Lane plan.

The fundamental design of Dufferin Station at platform-level is the same as most of Line 2, however after renovations were completed in 2014, Dufferin Station now boasts modern style architecture. There is one main headhouse on the northwest side of the intersection, this is the entrance with wheelchair access. There is an entrance on the opposite side of the street that serves northbound busses, this however, has no wheelchair access to the mezzanine level. The two smaller entrances on Russet Avenue are separate buildings for each platform (Eastbound and Westbound) with only fare gates and no collection booth.

Unique Features

The upgrade of Dufferin Station happened in an "in-between" stage for the TTC, as they were still refining much of their new wayfinding and corporate imagery. Dufferin's modernization finished right before the TTC released the new line numbers and surrounding imagery, and as an effect of such, Dufferin is one of the most modern looking stations on the Bloor-Danforth line, but the subway line is not labeled as "Line 2" anywhere except for the two small entrances on Russet Avenue.

Station Facts 

  • Opening Date:
    • February 26, 1966
  • Internal ID: 6B
  • Lines:
    • Line 2 Bloor-Danforth
  • Previous Station:
    • Lansdowne
  • Following Station:
    • Ossington
  • Entrances: 4 (1 accessible)
  • Fare Gates: 14
  • Booths: 1
  • PRESTO Card Vending Machines: 
  • PRESTO Reloading Machines: 
  • POP Transfer Printers:
  • Elevators: 3
  • Escalators: 3

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Public Artwork

Part of the 2010-2014 modernization of Dufferin Station, Public Art was added to the station. Something Happens Here by Eduardo Aquino and Karen Shanski tells the story of the multicultural community that surrounds the station through images and dynamic and colourful mosaics of tiles along the walls.

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